Vintage Primus Blowtorch Restoration

I have had this brass blowtorch sitting on the shelf since last year with the idea of cleaning it up and bringing the shine of it's former glory back to life. Last year I found a larger torch which I upcycled into a desk lamp. That touch and this was made by a company called... Continue Reading →


A weekend in the ShedShop

I had a rare weekend that I didn’t have to work, and had no commitments planned, which meant I had a full weekend to play about in the shed. The past few evenings after work I had been making a custom table for my Ryobi bandsaw. The original table really wasn’t up to scratch. It... Continue Reading →

Plugged or Unplugged??

A few years ago there was real insurgence of hand tool only woodworking. It was fantastic! I loved reading Paul Sellers Blog, watching Tom Fidgen's videos and reading books from inspirational writers such Robert Wearing and Jim Krenov. It also felt perfect for me, I didn't feel like I had the space or money to... Continue Reading →

Ryobi RBS904 Bandsaw Review

Now I've only had this Bandsaw for about 3 months so it this isn't a real review where I know the machine inside and out. I mainly wanted a Bandsaw for cutting guitar headstock shapes and also for dimensioning wood for the neck. I knew for the money I wanted to spend I wouldn't get... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Blogs

I've been asking myself why I decided to start this blog, there are so many blogs out there that would put mine to shame, so many woodworkers who could do better than me with their eyes closed. I just want a little piece of the internet to myself in which I can write about my... Continue Reading →

Guild Pillar Drill Review

Being a woodworker on a budget, I sometimes have no choice other than to get budget tools. Some are good and some are terrible. When starting out on my hobby I tried to read as many reviews as I could before purchasing. Many times I would read really bad reports such as STAY AWAY! DONT... Continue Reading →

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